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Monumental Axis

The image below shows an aerial view of the Monumental Axis, in Brasilia. For a broader view, check out this aerial map of Brasília.

Monumental Axis The Monumental Axis (Eixo Monumental) is the name of the two parallel expressways, each in a direction, which cut the Plan Pilot of Brasília from East to West. It starts in the Three Powers Square, then go westwards until the vicinity of the inter State bus station. At the center of the Plan Pilot, the Monumental Axis crosses with the Eixão.

The name was chosen because many of the monuments built in Brasília are located near this Axis. At the far east, the Three Powers Square, seat of the Powers in Brazil; the area of the Axis where the Ministries are located is called Esplanada dos Ministérios.
The Metropolitan Cathedral is located at the end of the Esplanada.

Going from east to west, one can see the National Theater, the Television Tower, the National Stadium of Brasília, the Palácio do Buriti (seat of the government of the Federal District), the JK Memorial, and the Brasília Convention Center.

Differently from the Eixão, which is sided by residential blocks, there is hardly any residence along the Monumental. Besides the monuments, it is worthy noticing that the hotel sector of Brasília is located along the Monumental, near the crossing with the Eixão.

Just like the W3 avenue, the Monumental is also an important thoroughfare for buses; many buses connect the central bus station to the official buildings and to the satellite cities.

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