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Hotels Sectors

The image below shows an aerial view of the Hotel Sectors in Brasília.
For a broader view, check out this aerial map of Brasília.

Hotel SectorsThe hotels sector was placed in a central place of Brasília.
It is near the crossing of the two main expressways of Brasília, the Eixão and the Eixo Monumental; that means that the hotels are in between the wings.
It is about 3 km away from the Three Powers Square, and just 500 meters from the central bus station (marked in yellow in the map).

There are two sectors: the Northern Hotel Sector (Setor Hoteleiro Norte), the area to the north of the Monumental Axis in the map, and the Southern Hotel Sector (Setor Hoteleiro Sul), in the southern side. There is no particular difference between the two sectors.

Each of the sectors presents a diversity of options, aiming at serving visitors from different backgrounds. There are from five star hotels to small inns; all establishments, however, present minimum levels of cleaness and security.

The map shows that the hotels sector is nearing saturation; there is little space left for buildings in between the ones already existant, and the new hotels are taking areas to the west. In the near future, it is probably that new areas in Brasília become hotel clusters; one example of such is the Alvorada Hotels Sector, further to the northeast of the city.

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