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Brasília Hotels - By Sector

Northern Sector. List of hotels in the North Sector of Brasília.

Southern Sector. List of hotels in the South Sector of Brasília.

Other Sectors. Hotels located outside the central Brasilia area.

Hotels in Brasilia
Photo of the North Hotel Sector.
In the front, Manhattan Plaza.
In the middle, Kubitschek Plaza.
In the back, hotel under construction.

According to the original plan by Lúcio Costa, Brasília is divided in sectors.

The original Hotel Sector was located near the physical center of Brasília, to facilitate access of visitors to all important places in the city; not by coincidence, the Hotels sector is nearby the central bus station, and is cut across by the two major thoroughfares of Brasília: the Monumental Axis and the W3 highway. Take a look at this map of the Hotel Sector of Brasília.

The Hotels Sector is sub-divided in two smaller sectors: the North Hotels Sector (in Portuguese: Setor Hoteleiro Norte) and the South Hotels Sector (Setor Hoteleiro Sul). There are no specific differences between them, other than the physical location. Both sectors have a mix of hotels, from upscale ones to humbler ones; even the smaller hotels, however, are clean, safe and comfortable.

Even though not planned by Lúcio Costa, other smaller hotels were built in the satellite cities, mostly in Guará and Taguatinga. Prices are usually more affordable, but these sectors are more distant from the main offices and tourist spots in Brasília.

Also, as Brasilia grew much faster than the expected, the central hotel sectors became saturated: real estate became fewer and more expensive over time. The trend seems to be to build new hotels somewhere in the vast clear space that surrounds Brasília; a few upscale hotels were built in the so called Tourism Sector, near the Palácio da Alvorada (check out this map).

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