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Ultrapar - Holding of Ipiranga, Ultragaz, Extrafarma, Oxiteno and Ultracargo

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Ultrapar is the holding which congregates several large companies, operating with fuel stations (Ipiranga), liquid gas distribution (Ultragaz), petrochemicals (Oxiteno), drugstores (Extrafarma), logistics (Ultracargo).
Until 2013, the company was listed simply as Ultra; since 2014, it has been listed as Ultrapar, short for Ultra Partipations.

Latest financial results:
Year >201220132014201520162017
Ranking * #4 #4 #4 #4
Net Revenue ** 53,919 60,940 67,736 75,655
Net Profit 1,017 1,228 1,251 1,513
Ebitda 2,289 2,923 3,174 3,964
Exchange rate *** R$ 2.04 R$ 2.34 R$ 2.65 R$ 3.90
Inflation rate **** 5.84 % 5.91 % 6.41 % 10.67 %
* Ranking among Brazilian corporations, by net revenue.
** All financial results are expressed in millions of Brazilian Real R$ million.
*** Official exchange rates of US$ 1, on December 31st of each year, to be used for accounting purposes.
**** Official Consumer Prices Index.

Ultra - Oil and gas business in Brazil - Latest News

Industry Oil and Gas.
Main competitors: Petrobras; Raízen (former Royal Dutch Shell).

»June 2016: Ultrapar announces acquisition of Ale.
Cost of the transaction: R$ 2,168 billion (about US 650 million). Ale (#47 in the 2015 ranking) runs about 2,000 gas stations, which will be added to the 7,200 Ipiranga stations.
According to this source, Raízen was also interested in the buy out, and the dispute lasted for three years.
The deal is still pending approval by regulatory authorities.

»March 2015: Ipiranga keeps pushing successful commercials.
This series of commercials has already become a classic in Brazil.
A man is sitting by a road, someone with a vehicles stops by and asks whatever question: "where do I find fuel?" "where can I buy a sandwich?" "where can I use my premium points?"; the answer is always: at the Posto Ipiranga (see video).
The series started a few years ago, always with the same unnamed protagonist, and is now being extended for another year.

Ultra - History and Facts

In 1937, Austrian born Ernesto Igel started the first company in Brazil in the business of encapsulating and selling liquified gas for home cooking.
That company would become Ultragaz. The company survived ortography reforms: today, it should spell Ultragás.
See History of Ultrapar.

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