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Largest Brazilian corporations

By looking at which companies are biggest, and by also looking how the ranks change over the years, we can have an idea of the dynamics of the Economy.

Below, rankings of the largest companies with business in Brazil, ordered by net income.
Notice: the rankings below do not include the banking sector; see more information about banks in Brazil.

Source of information: we picked the data from Exame, an important Brazilian financial site; for example, this is the latest Ambev report published by Exame.

»Ranking 2015. Vale surpasses Petrobras 2014, and posts an even bigger loss.
»Ranking 2014. JBS becomes the second largest corporation. Petrobras posts the biggest loss ever.
»Ranking 2013.
»Ranking 2012.

»Ranking 2003. This page was written in 2004, and for several reasons, it wasn't updated until 2012; it is interesting to check out the major changes in ranks.

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