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Raízen is a Brazilian corporation, joint venture of Cosan and Shell.
Cosan brings to the venture their sugar and alcohol production structure; Cosan will keep other independent business, such as piped gas distribution, satellite monitoring and others (see Cosan for more details).
Shell brings their network of fuel distribution in Brazil, and the perspective of using their global reach to make ethanol an international commodity, and Raízen the major player in the sector.

Latest financial results:
Year >201220132014201520162017
Ranking * - #6 #6 #5
Net Revenue ** - 50,591 65,092 74,109
Net Profit - 1,087 1,351 2,378
Ebitda - 2,082 4,911 6,363
Exchange rate *** R$ 2.04 R$ 2.34 R$ 2.65 R$ 3.90
Inflation rate **** 5.84 % 5.91 % 6.41 % 10.67 %
* Ranking among Brazilian corporations, by net revenue.
** All financial results are expressed in millions of Brazilian Real R$ million.
*** Official exchange rates of US$ 1, on December 31st of each year, to be used for accounting purposes.
**** Official Consumer Prices Index.

Raizen - Joint venture of Shell and Cosan - Latest News

Sector: Oil, Gas, Fuel.

Main competitors in Brazil: Ultrapar; Petrobras.

June 2011: "Shell and Cosan today launched a multi-billion dollar joint venture that will become a leading producer of the low-carbon biofuel, ethanol made from sugar cane."

February 2011: Raízen gains a name. Cosan and Shell decided on the name of the joint venture: Raízen.

Raizen - History and Facts

The name Raízen is a junction of Raiz and Energy.

Raiz means Root in Portuguese, and is a reference to the portion of sugar cane used to produce ethanol (which, by the way, is not a root, is a stem).

Notice that Raiz carries no accent over the "i", but Raízen does.
This happens because in Raiz the "i" and the "z" are pronounced in a single syllable (Ra - iz), whereas in Raízen the i constitutes a separate syllable (Ra - í - zen).

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