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Latest financial results:
Year >201220132014201520162017
Ranking * #12 #9 #9 #10
Net Revenue ** 30,016 36,165 39,083 43,665
Net Profit 868 645 292 666
Ebitda 3,222 3,973 3,791 4,609
Exchange rate *** R$ 2.04 R$ 2.34 R$ 2.65 R$ 3.90
Inflation rate **** 5.84 % 5.91 % 6.41 % 10.67 %
* Ranking among Brazilian corporations, by net revenue.
** All financial results are expressed in millions of Brazilian Real R$ million.
*** Official exchange rates of US$ 1, on December 31st of each year, to be used for accounting purposes.
**** Official Consumer Prices Index.

Cosan - Sugar and Alcohol Business in Brazil - Latest News

Sector: Sugar, Alcohol, Logistics.

Main competitors in Brazil: Copersucar.

»January 2016: According to this report, ALL has become a headache to Cosan.
»February 2015: Cosan announces merging: Rumo and ALL. Rumo is the logistic branch of Cosan Group. ALL (America Latina Logistica) was controller of the longest railway network in Brazil.

»June 2011: Cosan and Shell formally announce a joint venture, Raízen.
The Cosan operations with sugar and alcohol will now be part of Raízen business.

Esso logo »April 2008: Cosan buys Exxon assets in Brazil for US$ 826 million.
In Brazil, Exxon operates under the brand Esso, which will also become property of Cosan.
In 2011, after the joint venture with Shell was confirmed, Cosan decided to discontinue the brand Esso in Brazil.

»February 2006: Google co-founders extended a business trip to offices in Brazil and visited Cosan.

Cosan - History and Facts

The History of Cosan starts in 1936, when family Ometto started a sugar cane mill called Costa Pinto; this document describes in detail how that first mill would grow to become one the largest business in Brazil.

The Ometto remained in charge all along. In an interview in 2002, Rubens Ometto, president of Cosan, explained how Cosan had become the largest producer of sugar cane in the World.

In 2011, the branch of Cosan which operates with sugar and alcohol became part of Raízen.

Cosan still operates the following businesses:
»Comgas. Distributor of piped gas in São Paulo.
»Radar. "Radar is a farmland management company in the forefront of the country's agricultural sector. Created in 2008, it is motivated by the idea of a growing global demand for food."
»Rumo. "Rumo is composed of 4 rail concessions in Brazil, totaling 12 thousand km of rail tracks, around 1 thousand locomotives and 27 thousand railcars, through which the Company transports agricultural commodities and industrial products."
»Cosan Lubricants. When Cosan purchased Exxon assets in Brazil, Mobil came with the package.

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