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»June 2013. Confederations Cup 2013: there was only one match in Brasilia: Brazil 3 x 0 Japan.
Japan stayed at this hotel: Kubitschek Plaza (see note). also: Royal Tulip was inspected.
Brazil stayed at this hotel: Brasilia Palace, Sector of Clubs North (see note).

»April 2013: Brazil to miss FIFA deadline for the Confederation Cup stadiums.
By determination of FIFA, the stadia which will stage matches of the Confederations Cup should be ready until April 15th, but two of them, National Stadium of Brasilia and Maracana in Rio de Janeiro, will not comply with the deadline.
The worst situation seems to be in Brasilia; two months before the kick off of the Confederations Cup, the pitch hasn't been laid yet (Maracana is racing to finish the roof, but the pitch is already laid).
It is a well known fact that, even if the pitch is correctly laid, and even if the turf adapts well to the soil, it takes several weeks for the pitch to be up to FIFA's standards.
Update, April 16th: the Local Committee informed that, because of the rainy weather, the laying of the turf would have yet another delay.

»March 2013: Brasilia seeks United Nations help in World Cup preparations.
"The U.N. will provide temporary structures outside the stadium housing support services. The U.N. will also furnish some security services."
The National Stadium in Brasilia will stage the opening match of the Confederations Cup, Brazil x Japan, scheduled to happen on June 15th 2013.
The works, however, are delayed, and the stadium should be finished on April 27th, less than two months before the match.
Given the short time to test the stadium, and given the high number of fans expected to watch the opening match, it is no surprise that Brasilia had called for such help.

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