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Poster Brasilia World Cup The curves in the center of post are a reference to the hyperboloid structure of the Metropolitan Cathedral of Brasilia.

Brasilia Cathedral

Like many other buildings in Brasilia (a World Heritage Site), the cathedral was designed by Oscar Niemeyer, one of the greatest architects of all time.

Background colours, from top to bottom, symbolize the blue sky, the yellow dawn (Brasilia has a flat relief, which provides for a clear distinction between sky and landscape) and the the plenty of green areas in the city.

The football player and the ball in multiple colours is a reference to the several regional cultures which contributed towards the ethnicity of Brasilia.
The city was founded in 1960, Brasilia is a young city; until a few years ago, most of the residents had not been born in Brasilia.

Many brasilienses (residents in Brasilia) are descendants from candangos, the workers who came from all over Brazil to work in the building of Brasilia.
Besides, being the political and administrative center of Brazil, Brasilia sees a continuous influx of new residents, who also come from all parts of Brazil, which add to the ethnical diversity of the city.

In Brazil, the best known place in Brasilia is the Three Power Square, often on TV for being the seat of the President, of the National Congress and of the Supreme Court.
It looks like the authors of the Post tried to pick one single building to represent Brasilia; and, for such purpose, the Cathedral was the right choice.

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