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Rivers, lagoons, waterfalls, valleys, wells, caves and trekking. Very rich in natural resources, the region around Brasília offers beautiful and surprising scapes. More than 40% of the territory of the Federal District is located within areas of protected environment; so, a visit to Brasilia should not be restricted to the urban zone.

macaw in BrasiliaStarting from the central area, the first spot of ecological interest is the Parque da Cidade (Park of the City), the largest urban park in the world; the Parque da Cidade is located at the Asa Sul, entrance by the Eixo Monumental.
Towards the end of the Asa Norte, the National Park of Brasilia, better known by the swimming pools of mineral water, is one of the most important areas of environmental preservation in the West-Center of Brazil.
The Brasilia Zoo, at the end of the Asa Sul, and the Botanic Garden, in the Mansions Sector Dom Bosco, are also near the central zone.

In the outskirts of Brasilia, good options are the Mumunhas, Cachoeira do Sal (Salt Waterfall), Poço Azul (Blue Well) and Tororó. The Salto de Itiquira, a large touristic resort distant about 110 km from Brasília, with a waterfall 168 meter (550 ft) high, is much sought by visitors.

The best attractions of the touristic ecological tour of District Federal are indeed located in the State of Goiás.
Brasilia eco tourismOne such not to be missed attraction is the Parque Nacional da Chapada dos Veadeiros, in the municipality of Alto Paraíso, about 260 km (161 mi) north of Brasília. That Park comprises 66,000 hectares of fields, trekkings, waterfalls and rivers. It's one of the most important parks in Brazil and may be visited under the guidance of trained ecologists.
Another place worth a visit is the city of Pirenópolis, about 170 km (105 mi) southwest from Brasilia. The city retained architectural works from colonial times, and still celebrates traditional feasts. The area around Pirenópolis has many rivers and waterfalls; the Pico dos Pireneus (1,385 m) is one of the main attractions.

Because of its central location, Brasilia is an excellent gateway for visitors wishing to explore the central Brazilian plateau. The airport of Brasilia has flights from all Brazilian States, and the infrastructure of tourism services is among the best in Brazil.

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