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  In Portuguese: Aeroporto de Brasília

The international airport of Brasília is called Juscelino Kubitschek.

Brasília airport

Visit the Infraero (Brazilian airports authority) page about the Brasília airport.

It is the third busiest airport in Brazil.
Because of its central location, the Brasília airport is used as a hub by some Brazilian airlines: several long distance flights connecting the extremes of the country have a stop in Brasília.
In recent years, the number of passengers outgrew by much the capacity of the airport; in 2012, the Federal Government admitted their lack of funds and competence to modernize the airport, and it was privatized.
Big investments were announced to prepare the airport to the World Cup 2014.

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The airport was opened in 1957, three years before the inauguration of the city. Actually, President Juscelino Kubitschek was so rushed to finish the city that he determined that material should be flown to Brasília, in cargo flights, instead of going by roads.

The airport was refurbished in 2003, and now is capable of receiving 7,4 million passengers per year. It has one of the longest runways in Brazil (3,200 m), and a second one is under construction (to open in 2005). The parking loot fits 1,200 cars.
There are shops at all three floors of the airport, in a total of 136 establishments; on the third floor, there is a restaurants plaza, with a panoramic terrace. Also at the top floor, there is a movie complex, exhibiting four movies.

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The airport is located about 11 km from the central area of Brasília (visit this map of the Brasília airport). The underground grid of Brasília doesn´t reach the aiport. There are many taxis outside the main gate, and also some bus lines which connect the airport to the central area of Brasília; check out these maps of the North hotel sector and South hotel sector to have an idea of the bus routes.

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