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The strong spirituality and the diversity of religions are a feature of Brasília.

In a prophetic dream, the Italian saint Dom Bosco, in 1883, announced the rising of a city "between Parallels 15 and 20, around a lake which shall be formed"; according to Dom Bosco, in such city "a great civilization will thrive, and that will be the Promised Land". Until today, these dreams are guide for a significant number of believers who come to Brasilia, in search of a better future.
Also, there is a theory, defended by Egyptologist Yara Kern, according to which the ex-President Juscelino Kubistchek would be the reincarnation of pharaoh Aknaton, who, about 3500 years ago, built a planned city in his own country. To defend her thesis, the scientist points several coincidences between the History and the architecture of both cities.

There are a few ways to enjoy this side of the city. For example, one can take a tour around the main temples in Brasilia, which encompass a number of religions - Islamism, Budhism, Adventist Church, Rosacruz; practically every belief has a presence in Brasilia.
Templo Boa VontadeNot only the religious, but also the esotheric feel at home in Brasilia. There is a tour which visits all the buildings, religious or not, shaped as pyramids; according to some, these buildings are capable of capturing, concentrating and releasing positive energies.
Among these mystical buildings, the most famous is Templo da Boa Vontade (Temple of Good Will), shaped like a pyramid of seven faces; from the very peak of the pyramid, hangs the biggest crystal ever found in Brazil. According to the maintainers, the best way to capture the energy of the crystal is to walk slowly, barefoot, meditating, following the spiral path inwards; at the center of the spiral, right under the crystal, is the energy focus; then, walk back outwards, stopping before the altar for meditation.
This temple is the national headquarter of the Legião da Boa Vontade, and attracts visitors from all religions.

In and around Brasilia, there is a number of entities and communities devoted to spirituality.

Vale do Amanhecer
Vale do Amanhecer

O Vale do Amanhecer (Valley of Dawning) was founded by a medium (person with paranormal sensitivity) called Tia Neiva, and is located in the city of Planaltina, about 42 km from Brasilia. This is considered the most impressive case of religious syncretism in Brazil.
The valley integrates beliefs and entities of several religions, such as Afro-Brazilian, indian, egyptian, gypsy, incas, aztecas, maias and even extra-terrestrial. The scenery of the valley, with symbols and images mixed with the typical costumes of the mediums make it an unforgetable place.

A Cidade Eclética (Eclectic City) started to be built in 1956, along with Brasilia. The leader of the community, Yokaanan Oceano de Sá, dreamed of the unification of all religions. The city occupies an area of about 33 km2 (about 8400 acres) in the municipality of Santo Antônio do Descoberto, state of Goiás, distant 62 km from Brasília.
The city has today 1,500 inhabitants, who do not carry any money and do not conduct any material transaction.

The Fundação Cidade da Paz (City of Peace Foundation), which administers the Universidade Holística Internacional de Brasília, has as goal to contribute for the awakening of a new world conscious, putting together the science and the spiritual traditions of humanity.
The Foundation was created by the the Government of Federal District in 1986, but has a private management. It promotes courses and funds researches in a few areas: scientific, technology, religion, mystics, ecological and educational.

Brasilia is also said to be a city visited often by UFOs; there are a few groups in the city which study this phenomenon.

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