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»July 2013. National Park in Brasilia.
A report by newspaper O Globo brings information about the National Park, a large green area in the Northern Sector of Brasilia.
The park covers an area of 43,000 hectares, more than 6,000 football stadiums; however, more than 99% is not regularly visited by the public.
The 1% which is visited is, however, very popular, thanks to two large swimming pools built by the Government; such pools are very refreshing in the dry weather of Brasilia.
Adults pay R$ 6.50 (about US$ 3) to enter the park, with access to the pools; children enter for free.
The capacity of the pools is 3,000 people; when the limit is reached - and that happens often - the gates are closed.
The report informs that, as the World Cup approaches, Brasilia authorities are looking to offer more options to visitors, and the National Park is a strong candidate for such.
The bioma of the park is cerrado, typical of central Brazil. There are plans to create trails and guided tours which would allow visitors to take a close view of cerrado.

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