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Modern hotel network of international standard, proximity with political power and diplomatic representations, easy locomotion within the city and availability of places adequated for large events; these are some factors which are helping Brasilia become one of the main cities in Brazil for business travelling and tourism. Statistics show that the trips for political purposes takes already a share of 50% of the tourism in the capital.

Brasilia Convention Center About 50% of all national flights which connect the South to the North of the country make a stop in Brasília. The privileged location, equidistant from the main Brazilian cities, makes Brasilia a city easy to reach.

Besides the several convention rooms in hotels, Brasilia has two buildings available for events of large size: the Pavilhão de Feiras e Exposições e o Centro de Convenções Ulysses Guimarães.
O Pavilhão de Feiras (Fairs Pavillion) is the second largest in Brazil, with 54,000 m2.
The Convention Center Ulysses Guimarães (photo) has an area of 57,000 m2, and a parking loot for 4,500 vehicles.

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