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Super Square

Below, an image of a Super Quadra, in Brasilia. For a broader view, check out this aerial map of Brasília.

Super Quadra In the vision of Lúcio Costa, a Super Quadra (Super Square) should be self-sustainable; this means that each Super Quadra should have its own commercial sector, its own health centers, education centers and even religious centers.

The image below shows four typical Super Quadras, located right to the west of the Eixao.
The cyan circle delimits one Super Quadra, which usually contains about ten buildings, all with six floors.

The yellow arrows are pointing to commercial sectors, which usually separate two Super Quadras, so as to serve both of them. The white arrow points to a local school, meant to serve the children who live in the neighbour quadras; the clear space beside the school was meant for the construction of health centers, churches, etc.

See photos of a residential area and of a commercial sector.

All the Super Quadras have plenty of trees and, between them, play grounds and sometimes sports courts. Transit of vehicles is limited by the narrowness of the streets; usually, the parking space is enough for residents only.

Even though the Super Quadras follow an standard, as defined by Lúcio Costa, there are differences between them.
Check out this map with another Super Quadra.

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