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Plastic surgery in Brazil - regulation

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Brazilian plastic surgeons rank amongst the best in the World.

The texts below bring some important pieces of information regarding the regulation of the practice of plastic surgery in Brazil.

What it takes to be a plastic surgeon in Brazil

Or: how to find a certified plastic surgeon in Brazil?

Becoming a doctor in Brazil, any doctor, is an achievement; the plastic surgeons are the top achievers of Brazilian doctors.

Like any doctor, the path starts with approval in the toughest admission exam in a Medicine School (not many Brazilian Universities offer the course), followed by at least six years of Graduation.

Next, the Doctor must obtain another approval, in another tough selection process (usually based on Academic merits), to a two year Residency program in General Surgery.

And then, the General Surgeon must apply to yet another three years of Residency, in one of the few Schools with credentials from the Brazilian Society of Public Surgery.

Finally, the Doctor must pass written and oral exams, and only then will he hold the title of Doctor Specialist in Plastic Surgery.
The site of the Society maintains a list of all Certified Plastic Surgeons in Brazil.

The Society does not certify the Clinics or Surgery Centers, only the Doctors.
Any trustable clinic will be glad to inform the name of the certified Plastic Surgeon responsible for that business.

There are many Doctors and even non-Doctors who don't want to take the full path; search for cases of fake plastic surgeons in Portuguese and in English.

The Code of Ethics of the Plastic Surgeon

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