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Bonaparte Hotel

Despite the French name and the German eagle in its logo, the Bonapart flat is a Brazilian enterprise.

Bonaparte is comprised of suites only: at least two ambiences, with bedroom and living room, kitchen, balcony; all with cable TV, double air conditioner and broadband internet access. The hotel offers also duplex: first floor with kitchen, office and a large bathroom, with jacuzzi, and second floor with two spacious bedrooms.
Because of the larger size of the rooms, Bonaparte ranks among the most expensive hotels in Brasília.
The hotel has a restaurant within, the Baru, with varied dishes.
Leisure options include swimming pool, sauna, massage parlour and fitness center.
The hotel is across the street from Pátio Brasil, one of the largest shopping centers in the city.

Several suites have private owners. The owners rent their properties directly to tenants, or via a pool of owners. Most tenants are the politicians (Federal Deputies and Senators) who spend the week in Brasília and return home in the weekends.

Homepage: Bonaparte Residence Suites.

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