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Design of the National Stadium, Brasilia

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Below, artistic images of the National Stadium, in Brasilia.

Credit of all images: Castro Mello Architects.

National Stadium in Brasilia
Above: the Stadium image is artistic, but the background depicts reality. The large tower is the Brasilia Television Tower; the rounded shaped building is the easily recognizable Brasilia Shopping, right in the middle of the Hotels Sector; the twin towers of the National Congress can be seen further in the back, as well as Lago Paranoá.

National Stadium in Brasilia
Above: the concept includes several columns which touch floor and ceiling, following the ideas of Oscar Niemeyer, Brasilia's designer; compare, for example, with the Presidential Palace and the Alvorada Palace.
It remains to be seen whether the concept will be actually implemented.

National Stadium in Brasilia
The small arena beside the stadium is Ginásio Nilson Nelson, a multi-sports indoor court.
At the top of the image, some curves of Nelson Piquet Ring can be seen.

National Stadium in Brasilia
The terrain will be lowered.

National Stadium in Brasilia
The stadium is intended to be eco-friendly.

National Stadium in Brasilia
According to the design, all seats will be covered.
This feature will be implemented only if the National Stadium is chosen to host the opening match of the World Cup; if this feature is implemented, the National Stadium may become the most expensive of all venues for 2014.

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