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Brasília Hotels - Other sectors

Hotels in Brasilia

Most hotels in Brasilia are concentrated in two sectors of the central zone, the North Hotel Sector and the South Hotel Sector.

Below, a list of some hotels which are not located in either one of the central sectors.

Academia de Tênis Resort. A resort inside the tennis club.
Many appointed Ministers and authorities stay here, while they look for a permanent residence. Offers some of the best restaurants in Brasilia.

Blue Tree Park Brasilia.
The Blue Tree is a chain of high quality hotels with properties in many Brazilian cities. When President George Bush visited Brasilia in 2005, he and his crew stayed at the Blue Tree.

Mansoori. Two hotels in the North Wing.

Brasilia Palace. The Brazilian football team stayed here during the Confederations Cup.

Morato Flats. Furnished flats for rent in the Pilot Plan.

Pousada Villa Zen.
W3 SUL 705 BLOCO G CASA 51 - Phone: (61) 3443-2548

Pousada Imperial.
SCRN 714/715 Bloco G Lote 05 Nº 01
Phone: (61) 3340-0074

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